Send Your News via MMRNews

Send Your News via MMRNews

Use this form to sign up to send out your eblast, reserve your date, and pay by credit card.  (Then send back this completed form plus your copy and logo to

MMRNews Solo Eblast Sign Up Form MMRNews Solo Eblast Sign Up Form (64 KB)

You can send your press release or essay as a solo eblast via MMRNews or include your news blurb or company profile within our monthly newsletter, Multicultural Marketing News.

Audience: Your news is distributed to subscribers of MMRNews, 7500+ Multicultural Marketing Industry Influentials and Press and also is posted on our social media sites and website.

  • Subscribers of MMRNews: brand marketers, corporate executives, advertising industry firms and organizations, business press, multicultural press and more

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Solo eblasts via MMRNews: $850 per eblast Includes:
  • one eblast
  • social media tailored to your eblast
  • report of companies that opened your eblast
  • archived under Multicultural Articles
  • see examples at Multicultural Articles
  • download sign up form and email to
  • supply an html or word document + Logo release
  • MMR can write your press release for an additional fee. Contact us for information.
  • Eblast formats 

    • Word document plus logo – you can send your eblast as a word document. Please include your logo in a word document or send as an attachment. If you would like to incorporate any images, please include them in your word document or send as an attachment and specify where you would like to insert them. 
    • Html – you can send your eblast in html format. Please send it as a file with .html extension or send an html code ready to use. Make sure your images are hosted on a public web server.
    • Jpeg – you can send your eblast as an image. If you send it as jpeg, we can use only one link with it. Your image should be no wider than 600px. 

    Eblast timing

    • Please send your copy at least 3 working days in advance.
    • Once we create a test of eblast for you, it will be send to you to view and schedule upon approval.

    If you’re interested in sending out an eblast via MMRNews, please email

    News Blurb in Multicultural Marketing News: $425 per profile Includes:
  • one mini profile in Multicultural Marketing News
  • social media for the newsletter including your company twitter handle
  • See examples at Multicultural Marketing News
  • archived under Multicultural Marketing News
  • Download sign up form and email to
  • MMRNews coop newsletter Sign Up Form MMRNews coop newsletter Sign Up Form (54 KB)

  • Supply your 150 word news blurb/company profile in a word document + Logo
  • Questions? Email
  • Register and Submit your press release here.