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        5678 Media Group LLC

    5678 is the first and the industry’s most experienced experiential marketing agency that specializes in connecting brands to the South Asian American community through memorable and authentic experiences. We have the relationships, experience, and infrastructure necessary to help brands shine when it matters most. 5678 service offerings include branded-entertainment, influencer marketing, content strategy, production, targeted media planning-buying, and custom high impact activations.... View Profile

    Business Type: Other Experiential Marketing Agency
    Markets: American Muslim Market,Asian American Market,General Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,South Asian Market,Women in Business Market,Youth/Teen Market
    Industry Expertise: Entertainment/Music
    Services: Advertising,Creative,Digital/Interactive,Experiential Marketing,Marketing,Media Planning-Buying,Sales/Promotion,Sampling,Supplier Diversity

        AAAZA, Inc.
    Strategic. Creative.
    With over ten years of experience in the advertising industry, these two words have defined how we manage our client portfolio and their ad campaigns. AAAZA is a full-service agency with multi-cultural capabilities tapping into all platforms that include broadcast, print, interactive, social, mobile, and experiential marketing.... View Profile

    Business Type: Advertising Agency
    Markets: Asian American Market,Multicultural Market
    Industry Expertise: Banking,Entertainment/Music,Financial Services,Healthcare,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Telecommunications
    Services: Advertising,Brand Building,Creative,Experiential Marketing,Event Planning,Focus Groups,Market Research,Marketing,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Mobile Marketing,Out of Home Advertising,Production,Public Relations,Social Media,Strategic Planning,Translations

    Abasto Media is the only print and digital trade publication in the United States that caters to the Hispanic food and beverage industry. Our print and digital magazine continues to lead the way in providing Hispanic retailers, distributors, manufacturers, brokers and others connected to the industry with relevant news and information to make smart business decisions.... View Profile

    Business Type: Conferences & Seminars, Consulting, Market Research Firm, Marketing/Communications, Marketing/Promotions, Media-Print, Media-Website
    Markets: General Market,Hispanic Market,Latin American Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Total Market,Women’s Market,Women in Business Market
    Industry Expertise: Education,Fast Food,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Retail,Technology, Beer & Spirits, Beverages
    Services: Advertising,Brand Building,Consulting,Corporate Communications,Creative,Custom publishing,Design,Digital/Interactive,Direct Marketing,Experiential Marketing,Focus Groups,Market Research,Marketing,Media,Multicultural Talent and Casting,Out of Home Advertising,Public Relations,Social Media,Strategic Planning

        ADCOLOR® Industry Coalition
    Founded in 2005, the mission of the ADCOLOR® Industry Coalition, a 501c(6), is to celebrate the accomplishments and create a network of outstanding multicultural professionals and champions of diversity & inclusion as well as leverage their stories as a road map for others to follow.... View Profile

    Business Type: Conferences & Seminars
    Markets: African American Market,Asian American Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,LGBT Market,Millennial Market,Youth/Teen Market
    Industry Expertise: Other all industries
    Services: Training

    C+C is all about the good. On so many different levels. Our main mission is to do what’s right for the planet, but do it in ways we’re reflecting all the different cultures living on said planet. So, C+C’s multicultural team digs deep to understand cultural nuance, and builds messaging that makes real connections with audiences (whether Latino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Somali, the list goes on).... View Profile

    Business Type: Marketing/Communications
    Markets: Asian American Market,Chinese Market,Cross Cultural Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,LGBT Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Total Market,Vietnamese Market
    Industry Expertise: Banking,Education,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Non-profit,Retail,Technology,Travel/Tourism,Other, Energy Efficiency, Environment, Social Good Communication
    Services: Advertising,Cause Related Marketing,Creative,Design,Digital/Interactive,Experiential Marketing,Event Planning,Focus Groups,Guerilla Marketing,Integrated Marketing Communications,Market Research,Marketing,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Media Training,Out of Home Advertising,Production,Public Relations,Social Media,Strategic Planning,Translations,Other, Content Marketing

    Casanova//McCann is a team of Hispanic consumer experts and integrated marketing specialists who develop breakthrough creative ideas which drive measurable business results for our clients.... View Profile

    Business Type: Advertising Agency
    Markets: Hispanic Market,Multicultural Market
    Industry Expertise: Automotive,Packaged Goods,Retail,Other
    Services: Marketing,Media,Other Full-service Advertising, Digital/Social

        Community Marketing & Insights
    Connect with and engage the LGBTQ community: Your journey begins with market insights
    Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) is the world’s leading LGBTQ market research firm. For more than 25 years, CMI has worked with leading brands, companies, organizations, universities and government institutions seeking to understand, reach and serve the LGBTQ community. Through research across the spectrum of LGBTQ, Community Marketing & Insights provides our clients with a deep understanding of how to authentically connect with and engage this growing, powerful, influential and diverse community. LGBTQs comprise a “slice” of the world’s population. There are markets for singles, couples and families across ethnicity, age and gender. We are citizens, consumers, influencers, students, seniors, business owners and employees. Research will discover diverse interests, matching your products or services to viable LGBTQ market segments. CMI’s proven, powerful portfolio of services identify, quantify and deliver specific targeted markets, yielding measurable return on your investment in the LGBTQ community.... View Profile

    Business Type: Market Research Firm, Community Marketing & Insights
    Markets: African American Market,Asian American Market,Cross Cultural Market,Hispanic Market,LGBT Market,Multicultural Market,Senior Market (50+),Women’s Market, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Market
    Industry Expertise: Apparel and Fashion,Automotive,Banking,Beverages-Alcoholic,Beverages-Non-Alcoholic,Consumer Electronics,Cosmetics and Beauty,Entertainment/Music,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Home/Shelter,Insurance,Medical,Non-profit,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Publishing,Real Estate,Restaurant,Retail,Sports,Technology,Telecommunications,Transportation,Travel/Tourism
    Services: Brand Building,Cause Related Marketing,Consulting,Corporate Communications,Direct Marketing,Experiential Marketing,Event Planning,Focus Groups,Guerilla Marketing,Integrated Marketing Communications,Market Research,Marketing,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Media Training,Mobile Marketing,Moderator Services,Multicultural Talent and Casting,New Media,Public Relations,Sampling,Social Media,Sports Marketing,Strategic Planning,Supplier Diversity,Training

        Creative Consumer Research
    With headquarters located in Houston, CCR offers complete field service covering Texas, as well as the surrounding areas and nationwide. Large conference-style focus group rooms with one-way mirrors and large client viewing rooms. Taste tests, telephone interviewing, executive surveys, mall intercepts, door-to door interviewing, mystery shops, store audits, and computer capabilities available. Bilingual interviewing, moderators, and translators are available. CCR also offers project management for multiple city projects. ... View Profile

    Business Type: Market Research Firm
    Markets: African American Market,Asian American Market,Cross Cultural Market,Disability Market,European Market,Filipino Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Jewish Market,Latin American Market,Men,Native American Market,South Asian Market,Total Market,Vietnamese Market,Women’s Market,Women in Business Market,Youth/Teen Market
    Industry Expertise: Apparel and Fashion,Automotive,Banking,Consumer Electronics,Education,Entertainment/Music,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Home/Shelter,Insurance,Non-profit,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Retail,Sports,Technology,Telecommunications,Travel/Tourism
    Services: Focus Groups,Market Research,Moderator Services,Recruitment

        CultureBeat, a division of C+R Research
    Culture defines and shapes consumers, implicitly and explicitly affecting the way we interact with organizations, products and brands. CultureBeat, C+R Research’s multicultural research division, helps brands understand how different cultures, ethnicities and lifestyles – and the dynamics that intertwine them – influence their consumers. Our team focuses on getting to the core of what drives consumers’ interactions with your brands to help you form long-lasting connections with them.... View Profile

    Business Type: Market Research Firm
    Markets: African American Market,Cross Cultural Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Latin American Market,LGBT Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Senior Market (50+),Total Market,Women’s Market,Youth/Teen Market
    Industry Expertise: Apparel and Fashion,Automotive,Banking,Beverages-Alcoholic,Consumer Electronics,Cosmetics and Beauty,Education,Entertainment/Music,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Insurance,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Retail,Technology,Telecommunications,Travel/Tourism
    Services: Market Research

        d expósito & Partners
    Positioned as The New American Agency™, its expertise helps brands leverage the compelling opportunity represented by U.S. Hispanics, an ever-growing population estimated at nearly 58.2 Million, leading key markets in key categories and forever changing the face of America. d expósito & Partners offers “excellence in marketing while creatively leveraging and infusing cultural insights for total market solutions” in today’s new pluricultural demographic context.... View Profile

    Business Type: Advertising Agency
    Markets: Hispanic Market
    Industry Expertise: Apparel and Fashion,Automotive,Banking,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Insurance,Non-profit,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Retail,Telecommunications
    Services: Advertising,Corporate Communications,Design,Digital/Interactive,Direct Marketing,Event Planning,Media Planning-Buying,Mobile Marketing,Multicultural Talent and Casting,Production,Public Relations,Sales/Promotion,Strategic Planning,Supplier Diversity